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Forging solution (possible)

So I think if you permenatly add 2* and 3* sharks to the raid store this will help tremdlusly with forging. It’s soul sucking to forge away your whole roster your have been working on for months. @Kabam Miike


  • ktomovktomov Posts: 216
    Agree on that. As the desire to upgrade our 5* roster is the current narrative. Shark crystals (2 and 3 stars) will be really useful. Getting forge levels on 5* is really PIA as the amount of forge experience is enormous. For instance - forging a 4* drift - r4/40 with forge level at 61 gives my 5* jump from 65 to 71.

    I know that forging is not meant to be easy, but some "boost" is needed.
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