Monthly Featured Bots...

Kabam... PLEASE make the featured bots in the 5* shard crystals the same bots as the current monthly bots (so that we have a higher drop rate for the three current monthly bots).


  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 1,633
    What if people want a bot that's not currently in the 5 star crystal pool?
  • It would also help in achieving the monthly objectives
  • I’m at 1.3M chips and saving them for next month...
  • Dr_YDr_Y Posts: 12
    Darm0k, all of the other bots that are available in the 5* Shard Crystal would still be available, as it currently works. The only change would be that the chance/probability for the three current monthly bots would be more likely to drop at a slightly higher rate. Also, read Chuck's post... the new monthly objectives are ridiculously difficult to obtain as it currently is set.
  • Featured bots return since Kabam Miike said they wanted to work on bugs and other content. I believe they will return in January 2020
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