Visual bug on OppoR17pro

Since I bought this phone I've had a wierd visual bug. It doesn't affect game play but is distracting. I put a ticket in and got 2 identical copy and paste responses, neither of which acknowledged my question. so Ill ask those who actually read the messages:
Has anyone ever seen this bug, and if so, we're you able to fix it?


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,536
    Have you tried running in battery saver mode?
  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 547
    It's an old bug, was in my phone too but eventually went away after a couple optimization upgrades from kabam.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,085
    @DrShotgun that's indeed an old bug that used to make the rounds pre 7.0 on a Nexus 6 (SD805).
    Don't have a single SD710 device to try, but have you attempted a clean Reinstall?
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,638
    No I haven't tried that. I may try that later and see if it works
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,638
    Well, tried the uninstall and reinstall and it's still the same
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    I have four phones. One of them is an Oppo R15. I have no problems playing on it.

    And yet on an R17 there is a bug.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,085
    edited January 27
    DrShotgun wrote: »
    Well, tried the uninstall and reinstall and it's still the same

    I've asked one of my guys with a Vivo Nex, and he reports the same green, glitchy shadow.
    Also on SD710.
    He also mentioned a "tinny" sounding audio.
    This shouldn't be a problem on SD710 with adreno 616 and AK4736A DAC!

    Optimization must be the problem

    Sorry couldn't be any help @DrShotgun
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,638
    No worries. It's not affecting the game play
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