5* Ultra Magnus

Let's see em. I'm about to 3/30 mine and would like to see his stats. I've been sitting on him for a while because my 4* isn't max Forged yet but the time has arrived. I was on the fence but realized the situations where I use him no other bot will do, such as Primal and the other heavily armored big boys.
So whatchya got?


  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,099
    @DrShotgun , i realize i may not be top tier, but my 4* R5 Cyclonus S20 makes complete mincemeat of 5* 6000Pi Primal, Grimlock, Grindor and MV Prime.

    He's actually the 1st Tact i maxed out, and am well chuffed.

    Only his lack of signature/ability debuff makes him less useful than G1 Megs.
    But he nullifies every 6-8 sec, so YMMV
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,268
    Encountered someone (name's Lockon Prime IIRC) with R5 UM and R5 Arcee in the Arena.
    Till All Are One!
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,614
    He's crazy good when duped if you just save him until last in AM or spotlight. He puts in some serious work. The only downside is saving him until last...
    If I had bots that had decent synergy with him, like Cyclonus or Galv, Arcee, Prowl and Grimlock then I would rank mine up immediately
  • F3tcF3tc Posts: 25
    I am going to take him to r4 since I got his signature up to 20 so he's going to be a beast I am not a big fan of him though since I have much better tactical bots like starscream and dinobot but he is the only r3 I have and he saved me in rok while fighting grindor I can rank the rest later.
  • F3tcF3tc Posts: 25
    I am trying to post a picture but not going through

  • F3tcF3tc Posts: 25
    Okay it's seems Went through lol
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