Can Ramjet not stun Tactician Bee?

Because sure enough today in the arenas he couldn't. He was.moving around like normal, evading shots with the stun icon going strong, and triggered an sp3 on the second stun icon.
Ramjet is pretty easy guy to Inflict a stun when you get that pattern going. Not cool if Bee is immune.


  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 557
    edited February 1
    Try Stunning bee with other Bots with Stun ability if that wont work then it's like a hidden ability of Bee.
    Or just a bug with your ramjet.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,545
    A mastery may be the culprit here. I believe there is one that reduces the effectiveness of stuns
  • HalloweendmHalloweendm Posts: 327
    Yeah, there's one that reduces stun duration by up to 50%ish.

    I had the same thing happen to me, fighting Bay Bee with my Ramjet. Not only could I not stun him, he evaded every second or third attack of a combo, backed away and then dashed in for his own combo.

    Another bot that stuns don't work on is Demotron. Sure the 'stun' tag appears over his head, but his unstoppable kicks in immediately and ends the stun. I basically end up dashing into his tank cannon to eat a heavy attack face first. I've also had countless fights with Barricade who has his evade kick in while stunned and it immediately ends the stun and moves him out of the way too.

    Maybe there are a lot more bots than Bay Bee that ignore or completely mitigate stuns!
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