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When the new bots released

We haven't heard from the adminis in this chat any news about the new bots release?
When are they going to be released can we get an update on this matter above.


  • Joker69Joker69 Posts: 345
    There wont be any new bots. Just recycling old spotlights and old bots through the raid store
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,021
    What happens when every bot goes into the raid store will they go through the raid store again?
  • VavatronVavatron Posts: 843
    Probably, or the game is cancelled, or the game is re-launched... who knows?

    Well Kabam probably knows, but we don’t.
  • F3tcF3tc Posts: 40
    I know no new bots but who is next in the reforge spotlight that is coming up next in 4 days if am not mistaken.
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    We know (well I am very, VERY confident) that the next 3 bots are Windblade, Blaster and O.P. (not MV1).
  • VavatronVavatron Posts: 843
    If they offer up OP, then they better offer up Scout Bee later on.
  • F3tcF3tc Posts: 40
    If that is True I am going for blaster I like to have him as 5* I have only one tech wich is jetfire and I am not interested or excited to have him blaster is way too much fun .
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    Blaster is a very underrated bot. I find him extremely useful
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,021
    This must be a Kabam spoiler at the start of the arena 1st week Triple Threat was just Motor Master, Bludgeon, and Jazz pdgq5c7u755h.png
    I agree Blaster is very useful
    And G1 Optimus and Windblade are also amazing
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