I've more than a question.
Why it's saying 35/36?
There's a mistery achievement?
And there'll be something new with the second anniversary update? b825j6nofdiu.jpg


  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    edited February 10
    Are you sure you’ve completed all of them?
    If you did you have send a support ticket.
    They’ll get back to you in less that 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Of course. I've checked them twice and it's always 35/36. Can it be a bug?
  • Seb1976Seb1976 Posts: 70
    I’m confused - there are 36 achievements. If you have 36 achievements listed and all are marked complete, then I would say there is a bug. But if you only have 35 achievements listed ... there’s probably still a bug. Good luck with that 🙃
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    Yeah, I think it’s a bug.
    That’s sad m8.
  • Even because, as you can see, it's half English and half Italian... 🤔
  • @Kabam Miike any idea?
  • Hey OP!

    Can you reach out to our Support team as suggested by a fellow Commander? You can do so by selecting the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen within the game. From there, scroll to select 'Support'.
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