Pricing on Bundles

Just wanted to get peoples input on some of the pricing, Now i am not against spending money on a game if i am spending enough time on it. But what really is frustrating is the cost of the bundles.

Now most players now will have reached a point that its a long process to upgrade, or get any kind of "reward" out of the game.

i would love to have a spare £99 to get the OP bundle but i just cant justify it.

Anyone else feel that if the prices were lower that more people would potentially spend more?

** I am not posting to offend anyone i just wanted to get other peoples feelings on this**


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    There was an existing thread on this subject from the last deal, but it seems it was recently deleted.

    Thr general consensus of that thread was lower prices would lead to more purchases, which I tend to agree with.

    Their existing pricing... $99USD for a nascent mobile title... that's whaling at its finest. At least the hero isn't going to be exclusive to big spenders, like Vision and Deadpool from MCoC, so it's not p2w at least. If people want to pay that price, I suppose it's their prerogative. Will I? Hell no.

    I'm not averse to spending, I bought the UM bundles for example. But I'm certainly not willing to pay these prices.
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    Hey Commanders! We really do look forward to reading any and all feedback you have on the bundles we've currently got going on and any that you'd like to see! Feel free to post and continue the conversation constructively and we'll be happy to pass on your suggestions and feedback to the Game Team!
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    MV1 is a good deal considering you get a full alpha spark as well. Grinding an arena for a 4-star using energons to refresh or buying crystals could amount to more than a grimlock pack. My concern is the lack of information regarding the deals that are coming along ahead of time or at least some form of cycle that we can anticipate or follow. The previous deal was equally good offering twice the regular amount of energons bought in store. Bet many players spent quite abit of money then. Shortly after we get this MV1 deal which we can't purchase using energons we bought from the previous deal. It would be good to be in the know of what kind of offer we can expect or at least have a certain cycle we can follow so that we are able to purchase the offer which we need most.
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