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Top 50 ranked. Placing or %?

Oke is see a lot of it's about % with alliance events but not lately.
So if my alliance is ranked 34 in an event where top 50 placing in final leaderboard get rewards shouldn't we get those rewards.
We hit all the milestones and have some heavy hitters doing arena since it was the last "3-day event arena combat".


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    edited May 2017
    It's percent based leaderboard scores does not take into consideration how many allies ranked if only top 75% pay out and your alliance was one of later to rank sadly percentage wise you fall off

    So could show 200 alliances but maybe only 40 hit rank requirements
  • Striker80Striker80 Posts: 14
    Thx for the comment we just got the rewards but the sleepless guys that gaves us the high ranking where freaking out about this.
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