F2F is getting HARDER. Awesome! đź‘Ť

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Nope, i haven't been imagining things.
I'm getting better (i hope) but Arenas, at least, are getting tougher (Round 7 is already plenty tough for noobs) and HAVE MORE PARTICIPANTS.

Fact is, i managed 1.65M points in T4 Arenas, and that only put me amongst the 6-10% group.

So today and tomorrow I'm aiming for 1.75-2.0M and see where that lands me.

I actually think this is GREAT NEWS.
More ACTIVE F2F players!
But do alternate with 320K Arenas sporadically to NOT CAUSE BURNOUT!


  • So, are you smoking crack or snorting coke? If you like this grind being harder then you must be high.

    I still love you though.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,497
    I would say it's because people have better access to rank up materials and new bots, so their rosters are getting stronger, rather than anything else. Same thing happened when they released a T3A and a T4C
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    Even AM 3.1 is HARDER.
    Just tried it with typical 4* squad, even the basic bot-nodes dodge, anticipate, attack better.
    My Alliance of Noobs are suffering.
    By 8.0 the entire active player base will be better fighters!

    We do have a capable "core 6"; it's waiting for 8.0 to see what "balancing" was done.

    The noobs will be fine as long as they continue to grind and level up their bots; they'll get better with time.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,104
    I guess the opponent you met is Vydious.
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