Best Raid Defense to use?

Anyone got a confirmed raid defense or opinions?


  • Triple Robotronus. Right down the middle.
  • This is what I use:
    4* Demohide ( Sig 5)/ 3* Harm Accelerator(Sig 20)
    4* Bonecrusher ( Sig 5)/ 2* Harm Accelerator (Sig 100)
    5* G1 Bee(Unawakened) or 5* UM(Unawakened)/ 2* Nightbird's Mark( Sig 100)

    I manage to win 1 out of 5-7 Raid Defences nearly always.
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    edited February 25

    And Technojack while ur at it.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,168
    Robotronus is the all-purpose PITA.
    Technojack, HAjack, Techponok are three other surprises to punish those who didn't bring the right bot.
  • BeastdadBeastdad Posts: 394
    Once I get my 5 star robosaurus you guys are done for good.
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,567
    there are really only two or three awkward fights - Megatronus on robot resource, Scorponok on tech console, Cyclonus on EMI module (which isn't that hard but you're guaranteed to take damage)

    The rest are pretty straight forward and you'll only get kills if the other player has bad luck, a weak team or screws up
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