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Sharkticon Shards not Recieved

Hi all. I just forged a high level 4* Sharkticon into my 5* Megatron and I did not receive any 5* Sharkticon shards. I'm a little upset... I just wasted a 4* bot.


  • Sometimes the "bonus items received" icon doesnt show up when you forge but you still get the shards, that may have happened to you now. Check to see if your amount of shards has changed. If not contact support they should be able to help http://kabam.force.com/PKB/KbContactUsForm
  • LordGrexLordGrex Posts: 13
    Nope, still not there. Thanks for the help.
  • Bi1b0BagginsBi1b0Baggins Posts: 1,021
    LordGrex wrote: »
    Nope, still not there. Thanks for the help.

    It should show up after a force close. This is a pretty common occurrence, similar to when you buy a knight crystal from raid store and your special tab in crystals doesn't immediately show up.
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