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Game revenue?

小龙女小龙女 Posts: 641
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Not sure why Contest or champion has 3 times more downloads but 70times the revenue.

That 100k makes no sense. I myself invest 1000 a month. If there are 1000 people like me in the world, it would be at least 1m revenue per month

Basically, I don’t care about revenue.
I care about new content. And revenue dictate licensing fee feasibility and new content.

Actually, from looking at some data, it seems ios game revenue is usually 5 times the download (each person spend 5$ on average)
In that sense, this game makes 1millon per month. If that doesn’t take a expenditure into account, revenue might be 400k or less considering taxes, App Store 30% cut, staff, licensing and so on.

I am just wildly giving a guess.

Personally I would love the game to make money and thrive and I love to spend on it. Just don’t want to waste time that’s all.

I want all 300+ transformers toons all be here in the game.


  • 小龙女小龙女 Posts: 641
    Actually should multiply the revenue number by 2. Because there is Android as well.

    And the game being rank 109 in role playing category still look promissing
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,749
    number of downloads is largely irrelevant compare to number of active players
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