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Bludgeon. A decepticon who uses the swordmaster synergy. I believe he is the best benefactor for the synergy and here's why.

Bludgeon does not have any natural crit rate buffs. The only way to increase his crit rate is the synergy (I think correct me if I'm wrong). He does have a crit-damage buff when he misses a melee attack. This further increases his crit-damage because of non-critical hits, which doesn't happen too often.

Other potential benefactors could be Dinobot and that's about it. Even then, Bludgeon is the best swordmaster to wield it.
Drift and Windblade, however, are poor swordmasters and here's why:

They both have increased crit-rate abilities, Drift with his combo meter and Windblade with her signature ability. This means they don't benefit from the swordmaster buffs as much as Dinobot or Bludgeon. While they get a slight increase, it's not as beneficial as mention repeatedly as Bludgeon.

That's really the main and only point. Bludgeon is the best Swordmaster because he benefits from his low crit-rate, yet high crit-damage.
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