Is game easy

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Do you find this game easy in all except arenas?

Is game easy 16 votes

MustangjonJoker69CulpersonHired_Goon 4 votes
MootDbogert_129NightchrisAnubis2PocalypseBargTechBlogZmogisWolfstrike 9 votes
ManthroKabam RimehavenCandKane 3 votes


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    It's as easy or hard as you want it to be. All depends on your expectations.

    Depends on if you are casual, serious, or averse to the outdoors.

    Interesting poll... Why would you ask this question? Please, tell me more.
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    Hey there Culperson! I'm actually going to follow up with Manthro, and agree with their post just because it really does depend on what you are looking to get out of the game. There are a lot of milestones out there that you can achieve and grind for, and depending on what you're trying to hit is really what dictates the difficulty level. If you just feel like going through the Story Quests? That has a difficulty level that will slowly ramp up as you progress through each chapter while you have The Prime Challenge that happens to be a much greater challenge and will require you to bring your best bots and A-Game to the mix! You can compete by casually raiding other bases, or you can climb the ladder where you will face much more difficult and well prepared bases!

    It's really up to you, as a Commander, to decide what you're willing to face.
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