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Before you guys get all snappy, I'm not even going to mention APPEARANCE (iOS, duh), but discuss gameplay, difficulty, speed, etc.
I own an iPhone 8 [RED], an iPad Pro 11 (A12x) and a HORDE of Androids, from the super cheap moto c plus ($80, MT6737) to the daft Asus ROG (SD845, 8-128GB).

When i first started last April, i usually did my F2F'ing on a Moto Z (SD820) and was pretty chuffed as I'm not overly fond of Apple's OS.
Upon discovering @Inqosly on YT, i was pretty much stumped as to how great and smooth the game the amount of TIME he's got to anticipate enemy attacks by animation tells, distance, and so forth.
So i downloaded F2F on an iPhone 6 Plus (what i had handy) and lo and behold, the FLUIDITY in animation, frame rates, made it FAR EASIER to play against an A.I.

Switched back, definite frames and fluidity handicap on Android. Plus it actually plays somewhat FASTER on Google's OS.

Fast forward to F2F v7.2.2 and struggling mid tier, budget level Androids actually exacerbate the issues.
What's worrying is that even top shelf hardware like @Nutjob 's S9 Note is affected by Graphical Anomalies.

Kabam really need to do a GPU toggle.
Now, it's just plain unfair.

I'd like to see what the community thinks.

iOS vs Android 11 votes

Graphics Toggle, PLEASE
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Dumb Down the Graphics, Effects
Other; Please Elaborate
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    So I believe the game is developed and built with iOS in mind and then made to fit Android. Hark back to the days of Mcoc (not sure if this is still the case) but the loading times became so bad between fights on Android that all of the arena awards were going to iOS players, because they could refresh quicker or get more fights in.

    Come upgrade time, I got an iphone 7 plus to see the difference for myself and it was absolutely ridiculous.

    Now for this game. I play on an iphone 7plus and a Huawei P20 Pro. Again, the difference is ridiculous in terms of game play. The Huawei has slight frame delays and it leads to not being able to do some things that you can on an iphone, like if you block the first hit of the AI combo, I can't then dodge the next hit on android but I can on iOS. The laggy input on android is really noticeable. However, the P20 doesn't seem to heat up and the battery is much better, where as an iphone does 1 arena run and gets ridiculously hot.

    I'm in favour of whatever reduces the phone heat and extends the battery life but I would also like to see optimization for Android so that there aren't frame delays and the game runs as quickly and smoothly as it does in iOS
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    Other; Please Elaborate
    Framerate. FPS. Frames per second.

    Its interesting that its never discussed in ios vs. Android debates but not surprising because its only for apps like tftf where its an issue. Even the fastest androids are way behind. An iphone 5 has faster fps than a note 9. iOS runs at around 60 fps, androids are at 40fps at best, mostly much less. I'm curious how much this effects the graphics difference we see in this game.

    I read on a forum post somewhere that someone tested fps on a note 9 and an lg g7 and the note 9 was faster. Some folks in my alliance have a note 9. They post fight vids and I notice there are alot of sparks in battle, almost like you see on ios. No sparks on my lg g7 which has the same chipset. This might be just an optimization issue as I'm sure samsung gets more attention but I'm curious if there's something to it.

    Edit, sorry if my post was a bit off-topic, lol. I posted it here because I think you @BlackRazak might know something about it and I'm curious.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    Just played F2F back to back on the iPhone 8 and Motorola moto m.

    Galvatron, Megatronus has less TELLS as 'energy discharge' effects emanating from his being is lessened to the point you can barely see it.
    On iOS, just before Tronus SPs there's lighting effects, electricity, etc just before.
    On budget devices, a ranged shot, when dodged and passing thru, doesn't even cast light on my bot.

    Kabam, just make the fella glow or something for cruddy Androids.

    Or allow native resolution to be 480p/540p via user control.

    iOS is like the arcade version of Mortal Kombat, Android is the SNES edition!

    @Kabam Vydious you know the community wants it.
    Plus you'd get back players stuck with iPhone SE and 6!

    The iPhone 6 ain’t all bad, I’m on a 6s and have no comparable graphics issue other than the usual overheating. Was still pleasantly surprised at the jump in graphics after the old 5s, though.

    Seen some of the pics from android though, @Kabam Vydious you guys might want to look at that...... and that’s from an iOS user. I’d be gutted if the shoe was on the other foot.
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    Graphics Toggle, PLEASE
    There are SD devices with android running the game on full graphic settings, like Pixel 2, but others are not allowed to. I just wonder if they simply put every device in a "no go" list and only the tested few are allowed to run the game in its full potential?

    That's why I've voted for a toggle, well at least let me test the game and how it will act on my hardware. I'm pretty sure that my Poco could handle it more than better of iphone 6 and if it doesn't I can easily go back to "low peasant" graphic settings.
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    Other; Please Elaborate
    BlackRazak wrote: »
    @asparagus throttling.
    The SD845 FAR exceeds A9, A10 and is on par with the A11 in terms of Graphical capability, but manufacturer throttling of adreno GPUs is not uncommon (adreno 630 in your case, >800MHz).

    Samsung has been caught OVER CLOCKING SoCs for favorable test scores, at the expense of longevity and reliability.

    I'm more curious about fps than graphical capability. An iphone 5 all the way through 10 or 11 can run 60 fps while my lg g7 I believe is around 30-40. For a game like this I'd imagine that's pretty imporant. I could be wrong, I really don't know anything about it. I've read that because the android os is adapted from blackberry, (which was not a touchscreen os,) it has inherent flaws that it might not ever be able to overcome. I'm curious if there's any connection between that and low FPS. This game is clearly very performance demanding. Frames per second seems to me to be pretty important.
  • Graphics Toggle, PLEASE
    I may not have the awesome graphics that an iPhone has, but I'm pretty content with that. My phone hardly overheats and the performance has been doing quite well lately and I honestly think this fluent game play is due to my low-res graphics. I feel like that since my phone can perform well, why can't others? That's why I want them to have a graphics toggle, so that other players can be able to adjust the graphics to fit their performance needs.
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