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A few questions

Happy anniversary commanders! The update has resparked some life within the community and hopefully, that means new content.
Speaking of, you likely noticed this blue seeker in your collection that has yet to be added.bs68gvodcz6j.png
Apparently, Thundercracker is confirmed.
We all likely have a few questions, such as when he'll be dropping, and what his abilities are.

I think a few of us are also wondering why he's a brawler. This also befuddles me. To quote his wiki bio,
"Thundercracker claims the skies as his arena. He looks down in contempt on those who cannot leave the ground — he considers them lesser beings. He will often attack the flightless beings below him for no other reason than to satisfy his scorn.

His superiority in this realm is the only thing he is sure of. Thundercracker is not entirely committed to the Decepticon cause, and even has some seemingly contradictory sympathy for the humans they terrorize. Fear of retribution from Megatron and the influence of his peers is usually enough to bury these doubts. Regardless, he needs constant reassurance from Skywarp and Starscream (which occasionally take the form of threats) that he's where he needs to be. Sometimes, his heart's just not in the job."
As to how it aligns with his bio, I have no idea.
Devs, can we get some help?


  • ScarredArachnid333ScarredArachnid333 Posts: 1,856
    edited April 2019
    I always thought he was going to be a Tech, given how some incarnations are scientists (G1 IDW, Aligned). Then, I found out he had a Sonic boom ability, so I figured he would be a Demo.

    Was all in all surprised to see him as a Brawler and still am confused. Maybe it's because out of the 3 OG Seekers in the cartoon, he's the one that doesn't have a unique ability.
    Starscream has Null Ray's, Skywarp can teleport, while Thundercracker has nada, nothing special about him. So they possibly thought that a Bot that mainly acts like a tougher Seeker should be a Brawler. And Hasbro does help make the abilities, and in most of their shows (G1, Cyberverse), they clasify him as nothing more than a bully (sadly).

    Would've preferred him in another class, but who cares? MOAR BOTS!
  • SkBirdmanSkBirdman Posts: 391
    Brawler makes sense because he has no particular skillset, not overly intelligent and basically goes where Megatron tells him. Hes a grunt.
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