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Galvatron the new Cheetor

So after fighting him 2 days at a pretty much higher diff, i came to a conclusion that Galvatron is the new nightmare as like as cheetor was used to be 😂....Seems like kabam gave him 100 sig so that he can activate will of unicorn literally like evry block , gain power from both sig and blocking , huge resistance buff so he dont die early and bigger range damages...

Dear kabam , i myself a decent average ninja (well at least some of my co-players says this 😂) who knows how to deal with bots but still here i am asking is it possible to reduce his sig a little lower? 😅


  • And the new map is challenging + fun but too small to gather points. Too tough to gather points.. that will effect allainces.... All of us now have to push the difficulties a lot higher than we used to do to get the milestones...
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 374
    With regards to points, they will change how much points are being rewarded next week, as it's using the same point calculation as old map 3.
  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 971
    interested as well.. he's going to be the one bot where people need to bring a specific bot just to counter him..

    i think he's worse than cheetor. at least with cheetor you get to fight him. I spent all of the fight just dodging and trying to bait his sp, and since he's plays like a coward all he did was fire off a couple ranges and block charge for a few secs..causally work his way up to a sp3. Gal is usually pretty aggressive with his SP but not this one. This is the type of crap you expect in spotlight not in AM. A couple hits and he's already at a green bar..then the rest of the fight, you're just dodging. Now, I just play aggressive and do what I can before the dying by the SP3. Get him low so the next person can finish him.
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