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I do not know if it is an algorithm error or on behalf of the player but i do not like the way to combine the bots 4* and 2*

The 2 star mod nigthbird has. A kill of 17k why?


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    The link

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    There is nothing wrong with that.
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    I think that if a level is given it should be respected and played with bots of the same level regardless of what type of star it is and should not be used limits the score to those who play well and the nightbirt mod of 2 * has the same impact that one of 4 * in which part the rank is respected
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    So I'm trying to understand what youre're saying a 2* Nightbird Mark has just landed a 17k damage kill shot, right?
    The kill shot is a percentage of the attacking bots health, not a specific number. The percentage is based on how many times the mod has been duped. Personally I have 3* mods that are exponentially better than my 4* mods.
    NBM works this way: say your fighter has 100k in health and the NBM has a kill shot of 20%...that's a 20k damage kill shot. Has nothing to do with the fighter or the damage output of the's a percentage of the attackers health..period. Could be a high level Nightbirds Mark with a 2* bot. Still gonna work the same way. My 3* NBM has a Cull of 15.8% at sig40. My 4* has a 9% Cull at sig10, therefore the 3* is gonna strike a heavier kill shot.
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