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Where are my Mastery Points?

So I’m a returning player, was level 22, just got to level 23, and when I was playing the game back around the initial release masteries weren’t a thing. Now, I’ve revisited the game to see how it’s doing, and I noticed that masteries were added. My father who is also revisiting the game, was level 17, and told me that he needed to be level 18 to get masteries. Now, that being said, shouldn’t I have more than just 1 mastery point? I had 0 until I leveled up today, but shouldn’t I have 4 others? Again, was level 22 as of yesterday when I reinstalled the game, and am now level 23, and only have 1 point, and unless I’m somehow mistaken, that means I am missing the mastery points for reaching levels 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. I’d submit a ticket but I’m not sure how to on mobile, any assistance would be appreciated, and the account username in-game is: Darkon


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