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The Four Corners B is now recruiting!

T4CB is now recruiting!
We are a friendly bunch of people looking to expand our roster. Brother alliance to a top 20 alliance, The Four Corners B is looking for active players who participate in the following fields:

- save bot ranking and leveling for the bot level and rank up event
- participate in the raid / arena events
- save all programs for item use events
- consistantly join in on AM days.
- spotlight and mission completion contribution

We do AM Map 3, difficulty in the low 20s right now, hoping to fill our roster so we can move up to the high 20s soon. AM participation is mandatory. We also have a LINE server for easier communication.

If you would like to join, please submit a join request in-game or message me directly - Xe0nSn1per, or drop your screen name below. Thank you!


  • Bigfoot602Bigfoot602 Posts: 2
    Hi there, I'm looking for a serious alliance, not one the dang game suggests. Trying to improve my account. Level 51, total rating 37k. Let me know what else you want to know. Name in the game is Bigfoot602
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