Gold/Energon Question

What happened with base gold generation? I just picked up gold from my defense node bots and each one picked up less than what they were getting before today. Also, the 3*-5* Thundercracker crystal is 300 energon instead of the usual 200 price. Gold is in short enough supply, and now we're getting even less? And why do those 5* crystals have their price jacked up by 50%? Or is that just for Thundercracker?


  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 862
    Gold-Maybe you got used to the amount you were getting with the anniversary bonus that ended like 10 hours ago?

    300 energon - That's because Thundercracker is a completely new bot, that was the price for new spotlight bot crystals last year also. The other ones cost 200 I presume because they are not completely new, they are already part of the game as at least 4*
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,710
    And another note: whenever you rank-up your base defender bot, try replace him/her on the next gold harvest, then put him/her back. Chance are their mining ability is not refreshed, since higher rank means higher outcome.
  • m00nshinem00nshine Posts: 122
    Just tried this and yep, after remove/replace my bots on base, their gold generation updated significantly. I had them on base as R3s and then upgraded to R4 while already there...good tip
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