Bot Progression Doc

Just wanted to share a tool I made a few month ago, when I wanted to keep track of all the data involved on my roster, 4* or 3*

The sheet is really easy to use, aswell as read.
It's basically a board where you input all your infos concerning your roster, and you have some other datas as output

I did put some remarks on the top of the columns, please read them if you don't understand something
There is 2 page, 1 with the 4* bot and 1 with the 3* bot

The 3* one have 1 more column which is a heads up if your bot have more than 90 sig, warning you to forge them asap

Again, i'm no pro on google sheet or anything, like Warcat or other people.
It's just something I made for myself, that was actually easy to do, but a little bit time consuming.
And I was just wondering why I wouldn't share this with you, maybe some people are like me and want to track in details their bot ...

Enjoy ! And don't forget to make a copy of course, this one is unwrittable obviously

( PS : If you have any issue, question or anything, feel free to ask me )
( PS2 : If some pro on Google doc is passing by, I would be glad to hear any advice on how to manage this kind of sheet when you have to add 1 more line, each time a new bot is released. I'm doing it manually without problem, but for the people who don't want to do it, it would be cool to have some formulas to automatically adjust this )


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,710
    Nice tool.
    After reading it a bit, I think I understand: the numbers indicate the remaining sparks needed to max-rank a bot from their current rank. Therefore, it's 0 everywhere for a 4* at rank 5, 3* at rank 4.
    It would be great to complete it with the 5* sheet, since 5* bots are what we focus our resources on.

    Thank you for sharing this.
  • CeltCelt Posts: 189
    Yea should have added more information, for me it sounded obvious, but I should be more precise on what means exactly all those numbers
    About the 5*, I was thinking about it, but my roster is quite poor, so, even if I made one, and since the 5* aren't coming that easily, even for top players, I thought that this kind of tool would be pretty useless, because you would change it like 1 times a week or so.
    In contrary to 4*, which are more available than ever, and I'm not even talking about 3*.

    But if a lot of people are asking for it, I would gladly do the 5* sheet one !
  • I have been thinking about this for a while; it's overdue. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Will revisit this weekend.
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