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New player looking for ally

Just hit level 30, looking for a more active alliance (full participation in AM)

Ashruu in game and on line


  • Look for Wardens of Iacon. We are a very active alliance for AM.
  • Hello! We're OneWay, A very active alliance. We run map 3 for full exploration at low levels and would be happy to have you. PM any of the below names for a response, or just search for OneWay [1Way] in alliances. Thanks for reading.

    OneWay [1Way]
    @Hijacker2531 @ScarredArachnid333 @AAGZ0921 @BlackRazak @lightningbaron
  • Ashruu, I am in “The Alliance”. We have a fun group of people and we have several players in your range. We run Alliance Missions on Friday on Map 2 so that everyone can play for fun. We do the same on Sunday. On Saturdays we stretch to Map 3 to give more seasoned players a challenge too. Message me or look me up in game if you want. I am John Hopkins.
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