Accidently used alpha on wrong bot

Hey folks,

I just accidently used an alpha on the wrong bot. I must have pressed the rank up button with my palm while I was moving around. I sent a support ticket but I figured I'd bug everyone about it on the forums too. If there's any way it could be fixed I'd much appreciate it.

And as I was typing this I received an email from kabam saying they can't fix it. Can't tell if it was an automated or real message. I thought people in mcoc had similar issues fixed for them. I also know this isn't a big issue, it's just a boohoo thing for me. I ranked barricade btw.


  • SerapthSerapth Posts: 157
    Frankly I never really saw MCoC support ever fix anything like this ever either. Anything that fell under the category of user error was never resolved, even when the user error was the device bugging out! So yeah, not surprised That said... I am getting pretty close to my second alpha and I'm heavily considering leveling up Barricade. So hopefully that makes you feel a bit better. So many raid opponents are often tech ( Mirage, Rhino and Soundwave certainly ) and his energy drain is among the most reliable options, while he hits pretty hard.

    So, even if it was a mistake, it wasn't a bad choice.
  • asparagusasparagus Posts: 145
    Hmmm, dang. He is an awesome bot and is on my main raid and AM team but a r4 brawler prime would be much better for obvious reasons. I'm still holding out hope. Mods, feel free to officially crush it. :)
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