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Kabam pls read this.

I've been playing this game since it came out two years ago. I've been very dedicated, but as of late I've been really burnt out lately. I'm getting tired of fighting the abnoxiously difficult expert mode with the cheaply difficult final boss only to get another t3 class spark for a class that I don't need. I want something new and worth the challenge, but not line of 15-20,000 rated super bots tailored for those who buy all of their bots and sparks. All I really want is a new mode or a new act. MCOC gets updates religiously because it has a massive player base. But I think it only has a massive player base because it gets updates religiously. Kabam I think it would be in your best interest to add something fresh to this game so it would revitalize the player base. A new mode or a new act would definitely be enough to bring back the spark of life into this game and it's players. I get that it takes a lot of time and effort to make something new but the time and effort being put into a new mode or act would definitely be worth your investment. I'm sure there are plenty of fans like me who want something new and if you deliver, It'll be a huge win-win. pls just try to bring something fresh to this game. Give FTF some of the love and care MCOC has been getting.


  • Hi FulMetalGrimlok!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. If you have anymore Transformers Forged To Fight specific suggestions, please feel free to post and let us know.
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