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Looking for ally D58+

Looking for an ally that is is currently doing difficulty 58 or higher. Line ID MerkaDerka Ign is the same.


  • Merka, not sure if you found what you are looking for yet...I am in [T_A] The Alliance. We run Map 2 level 26 on Friday and Sunday and Map 3 Level 1 on Saturday. We do not use external chat apps and we have fun with no heavy pressure. IGN is John Hopkins :)
  • Momo2008Momo2008 Posts: 92
    Lol what for !! Game is dying!
  • Canuck33Canuck33 Posts: 244
    Momo2008 wrote: »
    Lol what for !! Game is dying!

    The guy is just trying to find a place to play, not sure why you felt the need to post that...
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