What to spend my energon on?

I have about 3000 energon and it just keeps piling up. I bought the gold deal that recently went live, but other than that I haven't spent much energon on anything else. What should I buy with them?


  • BeastdadBeastdad Posts: 890
    All you can buy is gold and hope for a T4C promo.
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,392
    To me it's:
    Revives if you need them, crystals if you want them, spotlight bundles if you can
  • Mr_WonderfulMr_Wonderful Posts: 743
    Could do a run at rok/rotk if you haven’t already done so...... seems like a healthy stockpile to me
  • OptimalOptimus_MV1OptimalOptimus_MV1 Posts: 1,141
    Those 200 energon crystals lmao.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,666
    T4C bundles
  • PeasPeas Posts: 60
    I’d get the best bundles I could. I’ve some five stars that need to go to rank three and other to rank four.
  • BeastdadBeastdad Posts: 890
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    T4C bundles

    Good one :|
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