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Need Alliance

Old Player lvl 48 Needs Alliance :)


  • ArnZeBarnArnZeBarn Posts: 90
    Hey @RKus ! You might want to try [T_A] The_Alliance. My in game name is Arn Ze Barn (no spaces). See yah! :)
    Join the Forged family of alliances. We have spots at all Map levels with plenty of mobility to move up. @RKus

    Find me on the LINE app under “JIMMYSAB”


  • RKusRKus Posts: 2
    Thanks guys, i'll check it :)
  • RKus, if you are still looking for a home, I am in The Alliance with Arn. We are a good group of players who have fun together, but do not push too hard. No external chat apps required. You are welcome to join us if you want. Message Arn or me if you want. IGN is John Hopkins :)
  • Ally tag USA-2 has an opening ??
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