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Swindle: My take.

Warrior2410Warrior2410 Posts: 154
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So I was talking with a buddy of mine on a discord server and we came up with a character thing for Swindle, the con-artist and opportunist of the Transformers.

Class: Tech

Bio: Swindle is a self-imposed entrepreneur first, and a Decepticon later. A member of the Combaticons, he supplies them with high tech weaponry for a reduced fee of course. Getting off New Quintessa is the least of his worries. Priority number one is profit!

Signature Ability: Shock Block: By scamming his fellow bots, Swindle was able to upgrade his shield.
-when swindle is struck by a melee attack while blocking he has a 30% chance to inflict shock dealing 45% attack over 4 seconds. 50% of that damage is recovered as health.

Basic Abilities:
-Battle Bonus
-Force Field

-Battle Bonus
--After the end of each fight, Swindle manages to gain a little extra. These bonuses only apply when Swindle wins the fight, or if a fellow Combaticon wins the fight (a full Combaticon team is required). All bonuses acquired are directly put in your inventory. The bonus will not apply when Swindle or Combaticons win against Sharkticons. The bonuses are as follows:
-50% chance to gain one T4 Basic Ore-13
-25% chance to gain a minimum of 15k gold
-15% chance to gain one T5 Basic Ore-13
-5% chance to gain a random amount of energon*
-3% chance to gain a random amount of premium bot shards**
-2% chance to gain a random amount of three-star bot shards**
-1.5% chance to gain a random amount of four-star bot shards**
-0.5% chance to gain a random amount of five-star bot shards**
*Energon granted will never exceed 25
**Shards given will never exceed more than 25% of the value of one crystal. I.E. The most amount of premium bot shards one can receive is 500 shards.

-gains a Force Field that reduces incoming damage by 65%
--The shield buff is lost when the block is broken

-Heavy Attacks (ranged)
--Swindle transforms and launches a missile from his Jeep's cannon
-25% chance to inflict burn dealing 45 - 60% damage over 4 seconds

-Critical hits
-25% chance to steal 2-3% of opponents power if power is stolen gains 2% of max hp

Special One: Scam
--Swindle pulls out a rifle and fires off three shots, the final shot dealing more damage.
-100% chance to inflict shock dealing 30 - 40% damage over 5 seconds, shock drains opponent power at a rate of 5% per second

Special Two: Business
--Swindle fires a single shot from a pistol, before firing off the laser from his arm cannon.
- 100% chance to inflict heal block
- 50% chance to repair 9% of damage taken

Special Three: Profit
--Swindle pulls out a pistol, shoots once and then the pistol blows up. He then pulls out a rifle, fires multiple times before it blows up. He throws down the rifle before activating his arm cannon and firing a powerful laser. When the laser finishes, he picks up the broken blasters to sell as "slightly used".
- 100% chance to inflict shock dealing 80% damage over 7 seconds draining opponent power at a rate of 5% per second
- 75% chance to repair 10% of missing health

Allies: All Combaticons, Starscream, Megatron, Cyclonus, Motormaster

Enemies: Galvatron, Grimlock,

Brain drain/gain:
-The obvious for Swindle
-Shockwave randomly gains a Power Rate buff when filling a power bar (this replaces the Undo ability at random).

Weapon Specialists: Mixmaster, Ironhide, Rhinox

Let me know what y'all think about Swindle!


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