4* Mods, Tier 2 Mod Sparks, Exclusive Mods, & Base Defense

This is something that has been on my mind recently with respect to base defense. I have a number of 4* Mods that have been stuck on R2 for a long time & while I would love to put them on my base defense, I cannot. Partly is because there is almost no chance to get the sparks to rank up these Mods, and partly because my 3* Mods are still better (they are Max forged & in some cases almost Max Duped).

I know the Mods at this point are more a nuisance to elite commanders on Raids these days. That said, why is the game so stingy about giving players the chance to max out a 4* Mod?

Also, I know the Exclusive Mods are supposed to be that... exclusive. But at this point, doesn’t it make sense to give a few more chances to get Mods like the Tech Console & Prime Module? The last time I saw an Exclusive Mod offer was about a year ago.

What are your thoughts about the Mods, Kabam Moderators? I know we whine in the forums about wanting new content, new bots, etc., but has there been some thought about opening up some more chances to get things like more Tier 2 Mod Sparks, more Exclusive Mod Crystals, etc.?


  • Black_ThoughtBlack_Thought Posts: 385
    Mods are the biggest waste of time. They should add all of them to the crystals. The raid system is broken. If it were not for raid week and a few of raid store items, who would actually raid? I only put bots on my base for gold.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 1,965
    The right mod makes for a suck fight, and as far as exclusive mods go that Tech console and Prime module are incredible. Skorp and WJ on tech are a PAIN
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