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Iphone 6 no longer supported?

Devices with 1gb ram dont work for this game anymore, The game constantly crashes on my iphone 6, Is there any plans for this to be fixed?


  • Please fix this, I love this game more than MCOC, Yet I have to play MCOC more due to the crashes.
  • 小龙女小龙女 Posts: 641
    edited June 2019
    Most likely No.

    Smaller games even have trouble managing memory. How do u think 1GB device can run such a game?

    Btw, I know how it works. Your OS will take up probably 300MB of memory so u really are left with only 700MB to use...

    Upgrade phone

    Most likely it is not game that is crashing. It is OS that is purposely killing your app cuz your app runs more memory than OS would be pleased
  • The game runs fine when it doesnt crash, Theres no slowdown in fights, Kabam just needs to fix the crashing and then it should run fine. Thank you for your opinion though.
  • Kabam, Please respond, Dont ditch iphone 6 users.
  • lightningbaronlightningbaron Posts: 588
    edited June 2019
    It's an old device with minimal RAM, time to move on to a new device. You won't have 1GB to the game, your OS and background processes will consume RAM. Just like Microsoft or Apple, they have to stop supporting legacy device at some point.

    The tooth of iPhone 6 is getting long, it's 3 months shy of 5 years.

    Next person is going to say TFTF does not work on iPhone 4s or maybe the original iPhone.
  • The game works fije when it doesnt crash, No slow down or anything like hat, The crasges themselves are the only problem.
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