Just came back after several months and this is what I’ve notice today.

Huge congrats to the players since day 1 who are still here.I gave up this game several months ago cause theres no new interesting story and events are up and then after visiting this game they replayed event missions how come? What did i miss? My question is why the games playerbase went down? The global chat isn’t active anymore? All available alliance don’t have active players the ones you can see are 40days to 260days offline. And after several months there’s no new bots only a reskin starscream a.k.a Thundercracker? Why oh why can you explain it to me in full detail?Veterans?

I talk to GunzO several months back that he says the playerbase will rise but how come its not?

Post your comments down below and i want to hear your thoughts.


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    The game is already pretty amazing sitting at rank 190 in role playing category in App Store even after over 2 years since release. Most games in store live for a while then mysteriously died out due to higher cost of maintenance than profit.

    In my opinion it has already hit the “cash cow” point a while ago. Basically it already reached most player bases, and the addition of new player is not significant enough. At this point, most likely it is just a steady income for Kabam. It is nice occasionally to add some new content spending minimal effort while earning some profit on the side of COC.

    So I wouldn’t expect anything massively innovating or any significant amount of content added to the game in its life span. It will most likely continue to pump new content once in a while to keep old players interested. Remember, keeping old players is also important, since without them, there isn’t enough active player base to attract new “whales”

    The key word is “minimal effort”. Things like reskin, a new spotlight using existing map, or adding a 6* bot crystal. Those things takes little programming/graphics efforts but guarenttee a revenue stream.

    So in that sense, I would not expect anything like new playing mechanics or combiners or anything that require a lot of business investment. It will be worth more of their time and money to spend in COC or new game than this.

    Programming a new bot with unique playing mechanics is time consuming and buggy. A reskinned bot might cost 5-10k dollars of employee salary, but a new bot with unique playing mechanics could cost 5-10 times more. Factor in the cost of “assumed” licensing cost, it will cost even more. So will it be worth it? By evidence so far, no.
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    What did I miss?
    Not much, just recycled stuff you've seen before
    Why the game playerbase went down
    The lack of actual updates and content I guess + time-consuming activities such as Alliance Missions ( Although they did shorten the maps to make it easier for alliances with heavy workers )
    The global chat isn't active anymore?
    Unfortunately, it still is
    I talk to GunzO...
    All right, I'll stop here.
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    A nee bot is coming next month with a new spotlight and reformed is over...we have a Chrono-vector (mini spotlight) going on for about 5 more days and we're getting a class based event later this month...so we're getting new stuff!
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