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Raid week and raid store offerings

Hi, can we look at the raid store offerings during raid weeks? People are raiding to get bot chips, and end up amassing huge amounts of raid chips but nothing to spend it on. It’s also been a while since raid store items have been updated, so if you guys can take a look at it, whether including more items on permanent basis, or just having more items available during raid week, will certainly make raiding more interesting and less pointless. No reason to use shields to protect raid chips or using energon to raid more if we have more raid chips than we can spend.

Thank you.


  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 595
    Lol what more do you want. The only 2 things you cant get in the raid store is t3a and t4c shards. Everything else shows up on a RANDOM timetable. I understand your raiding for bot chips but if theres nothing of value to you that day for raid chips then let em build up for the next day or time you see something you need. Its not rocket science
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 595
    Oh cant get 5* shards either. Or t2 mod spark shards. But literally everything else is
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 823
    Yes just like knight crystal raid event, they made all raid store items available on last two days. If they can do something similar for raid week, and have more items available at end of raid week, then players would be motivated to raid more using energon and shield to protect raid chips, which means more $$$.

    @Buttehrs I’m not exactly sure what your point is? Are you saying you don’t want more items available in raid store? I will certainly be happy to be able to purchase more gold crystals, sig programs, bot shards etc in raid store with higher frequency instead of having so many chips during raid week and most of it getting stolen while waiting for the raid items on rotation.
  • CeltCelt Posts: 190
    edited June 2019
    @Buttehrs You are probably satisfied with what we have now, but the vast majority of the players might not like you.
    As the game keep progressing, and the player base too, their bots etc, the raid store need to do the same.
    How many T4B essence do we get from that monthly rotational ? 500 to be exact, only 500 in 28 days
    If I sell all the T3B I have in my stash, I can have thrice as more T4B.
    You need to think outside of the box, it's not because you are happy with what you have now, that it is the case for every other players, and btw you're probably happy with what we have now, but i'm pretty sure you didn't know the time where 4* sig were so precious.

    Yes, 4* sig weren't so available as they are now, from the store, same for the t3c. But yea, you probably don't know about that time ... It's because of that " update " long ago ( that you obviously don't want to happen), that you are actually happy now, for what we have.

    So again, I'm totally up for the raid store update, I assume if they hadn't talked about it on the june/july update, it means we'll have to wait 2-3 more month to even have some infos about it. Too bad.
  • Raid store items are on a rotation. 28 day rotation that is.
  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 823

    Look, everyone has so many raid chips to be stolen cos we have nothing to spend it on...

    @Keys_Spidey you’re missing the point of what I’m asking... I’m asking for all raid items to be available during raid week just like what was done for Knight crystal raid event, so we have something to use our chip chips on... or maybe we just buy another useless raid relic then :#
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