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Changing on am crystal an am kits

Hello everyone!
I write this post to put the attention of the administrators on a relevant issue.
Long ago, when the new map was released, we were promised a review of the prizes within the map crystal.
First of all, I would like to point out that the top alliances, in order to find further stimuli in the game, want to go towards higher and higher levels. However the current prizes do not justify neither the profuse commitment nor the objects that we are often forced to use.
All this is frustrating and is pushing many players to leave.
If we think that the best prizes are g3 class spark essence, now easily obtainable in other game modes, you will understand how a complete revision of the prizes is now urgent.
At least you should consider the idea of ​​introducing in the crystal some g4 class spark essence.
Finally, I would also like to focus on another problem: mission objects.
Now the objects for alliance missions, from those of lower rank to those of higher rank are completely useless.
I'll explain.
The real problem is that every object used does not restore a percentage of the basic integrity, but just a few points. This means that, especially for those who play at high levels, when a rank 4 or 5 bot is revived this remains with so little energy that one hit can send him ko again. And so you have to use lots of items.
Therefore, I urge you urgently to review the crystal’s prizes.
Or at least to change the alliance mission kits so that they restore a percentage of the basic integrity and not just a few points.
Thank you


  • Faithz17Faithz17 Posts: 842
    This is what I tell my team, if you need to use items, use items we get from AS crystals (we get 3 crystals per day). If you need to use more items, get the 45 energon squad revive; don’t waste energon on squad repairs. You only need 1hp to take down enemy bots. Even if you repair back to full health, you will still be KO if you get hit by one combo. Use bots that can self heal so you generate your own health. That’s why some bots are so popular.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    Looks like it's time to bring in map 4 and introduce map 4 crystals which contain higher tier spark essence and kits
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,021
    I agree with everything you 3 guys have mentioned it’s definitely time to get T4 Class sparks on our level not just the top 5 teams or so
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