Policy Change For Refunds

After seeing a familiar post for another game I think it should be implemented in Forged to Fight.

Too many people have been allowed to buy something, gain all the benefits of the purchase and then get a refund. Players have already been able to exploit this and gain hundreds of dollars worth of energon and they have been able to gain an unfair advantage.

Aside from having temporary suspensions and even permanent suspensions there should be a credit system like what’s being added to your other kabam game.


  • This is something that’s been happening for way over a year, back when t2a and t3c was reasonably hard to get. During Christmas there was the first t4c available with energon, there would’ve been people that bought it with energon they bought then refunded.

    Just because there’s not much to buy now doesn’t mean there hasn’t been before or that there won’t be in the future.
  • JscrillaJscrilla Posts: 95
    Kabam can’t control how Apple and Google choose to refund, this topic is irrelevant.
  • I'm going to close this down for now because this isn't something we're going to be bringing over into The Fight at this current moment. If it's something we plan to revisit then we'll post about it, but for right now we don't have current plans to hash it out.
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