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Reward Improvements [Edited for Clarity]

bishawabishawa Posts: 30
edited July 2019 in General Discussion
In the past few months we have seen a new alliance mission and now there us a new spotlight mission. The difficulty level in both is one level up . But there is no improvement in rewards. I believe harder work should pay better. More difficult Alliance mission should give better rewards.guys please raise our voice for this so that the kabam can listen.


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,039
    Did we have t4c shards in the old map 3? No. So the rewards have improved. But sure, it can and should get better.
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 217

    Spotlights are too easy and the rewards need to be increased, I wrote what I thought they should do in the comments of the vid
  • RocsolidRocsolid Posts: 299
    Beastdad wrote: »
    No excuse for the spotlight missions not paying more. All bot PI was increased.

    Bot pi increased? Shows how much I pay attention lol. I heard bots were harder though.
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