The Troublemaker Is Back... With A New Phone!

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So I started a few threads, complaining about the long loading times during raids among other things, and some users told me it was my phone. I was using an HTC Desire 526 - it had 1.5 gigs. I was told the phone shouldn't even run the game.

Well I purchased an Asus Zenfone AR over at Swappa. Paid $115.00 all in. I am worried about some faint scratches over the camera housing, and you can tell it has been used. But it came with its box and all original accessories. It is probably also still under warranty. If I can figure out how to get in touch with a human at Asus I can maybe see about fixing these scratches.

This phone has 6 gigs of ram! Also a still good cpu/gpu and 128gb internal memory. And I admit that there is a difference. The game looks AMAZING - especially the lighting and effects! Also there is almost no loading between battles. So I admit I was in the wrong for the most part. But not completely. Because there is still some brief loading between battles, and what I said was that my phone was likely amplifying an existing problem.

Problem is not the right word. The game just needs a couple of seconds to load between fights. So even if you had 8 gigs of ram, that loading will still exist. It is just how the game is designed. Less ram = more loading = bad experiences when raiding.

Point is I am publicly admitting that the users who (essentially) told me that the poor specs and lack of ram in my previous phone were the problem were right. More ram and better system specs have made a world of difference in my experience of the game. There is no more lag in the battles - everything is responsive and smooth.

In fact I have to say that the game must be fairly well designed to run even as well as it did on such an old and under- powered phone. I am impressed that it played as well as it did on my old HTC, and I am happy to be playing it on something far, far superior. A big thanks and shout out to the devs for all their hard work!

What is a Zenfone AR you may ask? Or, knowing what it is, you may ask why I chose it. Well I like to be different. I would be surprised if even another user of this forum had one. It was a toss up between this, the Samsung S8 Edge or the LG G6. The Sammy is a better phone with a superior camera, but has less ram and internal memory. The LG G6 would have been my next choice, as it has a pretty nice camera, some unique features, and if I recall correctly slightly better specs. But less ram that the Zenfone.

I just saw this thing sitting there, top of the list, the most phone, and the most unique phone, I could get for the money, so I jumped. Had just enough left over for a case. Now I can enjoy Augmented reality, and a whole lot more games! I just better not drop this thing in any water...

My experience with Swappa has been good so far - no complaints. So if you are looking to upgrade but don't have $800.00 laying around, you might check it out. Both Amazon and the Verizon Used Devices store charged a WHOLE lot more for the same used phone, if they even had it - although you could get "renewed" devices at Amazon. NewEgg is also very high priced.

Later all!


    How is the battery life? Heat?
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    You're disregarding your carrier / wifi signal and the fact that you have back and forward communication with a server.

    You can have 12GB of ram, if you net is lacking you'll still have load times.
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    Battery life is good - of course playing the game will take it down. I had read this phone had battery issues, and expected some issues as it is a used phone, but I have not had any. In fact yesterday I charged it to 57%, looked at it a couple hours later, and it was still at 57%! But you will use up your battery if you play TFF, or any other game, for any extensive length of time. I keep the things running in the background to a minimum.

    I have only noticed a lot of heat when charging the phone. It gets a little warm during gameplay, but not much. Another issue this phone is said to have, more when using the AR camera. Haven't spent much time in AR yet.

    Yes, of course WIFI signal/speed can contribute to the issue. In this case the assumption is I have good speed and good connectivity. Actually I have excellent connectivity and speed now, but I am in an area with a lot of other cable internet users, so that does cause some issues (congestion.) Before I had fair connectivity and excellent speed, but little congestion.
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    Welcome back @DreamBliss
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    Glad the new phone is working out for you between performance and connectivity.

    About a month ago, I got the UMIDIGI Power and all I see at Play Store is Your device isn't compatible with this version. New phone, can't use for this game. It was better specifications than my Moto G6.
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    @lightningbaron have you tried side-loading an unmolested F2F apk file?

    Some guys on 9.0 and PowerVR say this works via Reddit.
    Good luck buddy
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    Yeah you may have to sideload the game. This doesn't require you to root your phone. You just download the .apk file using the link the previous poster gave you, using either your phone or your computer. If you download on your PC you will need to hook up your phone to it and copy the file to your phone.

    Remember that when you hook you phone up to your PC you may have to authorize the PC to access the phone's files, and you will have to choose File Transfer under USB Options on your phone. A box should pop up on your phone when you plug it in.

    Then, on your phone, browse to the directory containing the file and open it. On my phone that's settings/Storage/Other and select Explore. Browse to the directory, then tap on the .apk file and open with Package Installer when that box pops up. This should install the game. Not sure how you would do updates.

    I would also send a report to Google, so they can fix the issue on their end. There should be support for all newer Android phones at Google Play.

    I am curious as I was considering the LG G6... Did TFF run poorly on it or something?
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