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Alliance Volcanicus with tag Oo000- Seeking active commanders

Hi friends, I am the leader of the alliance Volcanicus with tag Oo000. We are seeking active members to join our alliance. The present strength of the alliance is 7/18 with a rating of 200k. We certainly would like to make it 18/18 active members in our alliance. All are welcome. We are respectful towards each other and we make sure everyone is active throughout or else we kick them out. Deserving people will be made officers.


    What Map and Diff lvl are you running? @aerobolt92
  • Hello Jimmy_sab, we run map2 with difficulty of 25. Even though the suggested difficulty level is 40 we run at 25 .
  • Our alliance rank was 317 in the alliance mission war which was completed two days back. uts9dg4adxjg.jpg
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