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ARENA Mechanics change request

IchieIchie Posts: 16
edited July 2019 in General Discussion
I wanna suggest an Arena gameplay change:

WHAT: Increase team from 3 bots per round to 5 bots.

WHY: 3 bots per round takes so much time specially for players with several bots. It takes me 2-3 hours to play all my bots per session. Do 3-4 session will eat atleast 6 hours
>from selecting the bots from the bottom list already takes half to 1 minute for phone users
>sorting from low to high takes same or maybe more time to load (if only sorting gets saved next time you try to select new bots for the next round)
>setting up a team already takes 1-3 minutes

ARENA CHANGES I WISH ATLEAST ONE HAPPENS(ascending order from most wanted):

1. Make arena 5 bots per round or 6 bots (infinity streaks of course adjust accordingly)

2. Decrease bot portraits. Make it icon only, prefer atleast 15 bots can be seen immediately to make bot browsing easy.
----browsing bots is one of the factors that eats time when playing arena.decrease the size to 1/4 of the current size, or make it same as the icon size(the icon size when matching ur bots for battle), or even just name and rating will do, no picture.

3. Make Filtering/Sorting of bots stay. The filter settings will be saved so you won't have to set it again or browse all your bots.

Or anything that can decrease arena game time. It takes too much time when you want to do atleast 3 sessions of it. Thank you!


  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 998
    If anything, they can get rid of that second screen where they show the points. We'll lose out on knowing what is the possible points, but I'll take that for not having to do a second tap to start. It's not like we can adjust or select something in that second screen.
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