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Do you read the dialog in the spotlights/story or just skip it to play the game?



  • Skip it
    Here's a thought. Give us the whole story after we complete a spotlight difficulty. So we can read it uninterrupted at the end.
  • Read the dialog
    Kitten wrote: »
    Our writers put a lot of heart into the dialogue/story! They're true fans when it comes to Transformers. I'm not sure where the idea that their work can be put into something else comes from when this is what they're meant to be doing and enjoy doing. Everyone here has their jobs and their focus. We understand there is a pull for certain things, but that isn't theirs to decide. So don't knock their efforts because you aren't happy with a decision they had no part of. :/ Our writers have theirs and this is what they've always been doing. Being able to write again for y'all has been very exciting for them so knowing that y'all have been enjoying it just as much is going to be such a treat for them to hear.

    The writer who worked on Tale of Two Stingers has been super hyped up to share it with the lot of you. It's filled with a trove of Easter Eggs too. ;)

    Nah, dude I'm always excited for new stories. I have to give it to your writers they're very talented, I always want to read it all right away when spotlight starts :lol:
    Can I have some energy refills? 😉😁

    Free energy refills for all!!!!!

    Cmon @Kabam Vydious you know you want to. We’re hyped for the dialogue now. Don’t make us wait 😇
  • Read the dialog
    I love reading. It adds to the experience for me.
  • AnnatarAnnatar Posts: 95
    Read the dialog
    I play for the story.
    Don't care about grinding (only if it necessary for entering new parts of the story) and mindless raids\alliance wars.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,041
    Skip it
    I understand they put a lot into the story but once translated, we don't quite get the jokes and references.
  • RocsolidRocsolid Posts: 301
    Read the dialog
    Reading the dialog takes a total of 2 minutes combined for all chapters. In response to above, I have full custody of my 3 kids and a full time job and I read it....
  • Skip it
    Rocsolid wrote: »
    Reading the dialog takes a total of 2 minutes combined for all chapters. In response to above, I have full custody of my 3 kids and a full time job and I read it....

    I commend you. I think my issue is that I don't have enough time in the day between the rest of the grinding the game requires, to take the time to read the dialogue. Plus, I don't really see the link between the dialogue and the mission itself. Maybe if the game was setup more like an RPG or something it would feel more organic? I don't know... Maybe an action comic would have more impact?
  • Read the dialog
    I always read it. For me it is an important part of spotlight as it is the story where you are fighting. Also dialogues are usually quite enjoyable and sometimes outright hilarious. I just switch them off for reruns/grinding.

    Now I come to think about it, perhaps in the future dialogue could be used in a limited RPG kind of way. Like opening different paths for mission completion as you side with one or other faction or decide to go on a given (optional) mission.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 125
    Read the dialog
    I always read it as well. I am all about the lore. I feel my bots are strong enough to allow me the time to read. 😎
  • Read the dialog
    I like to read what is new, and skip what I’ve already read
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