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NP or Cyclonis signature ability

So I’ve finally got the bots I need for a good Decepticon team.
5* Megatronus
5* Galvatron
5* Shockwave
4* NP
4* Cyclonus
My question is this, which of the four stars should I put my signatures into first?
NP and Cyclonus are the same class and it seems that one of them probably benefits from the signatures more than the other. But which one?

NP or Cyclonis signature ability 15 votes

Nemesis Prime
BeastdadGunz0KillMasterCChuck_CanuckM00NBntyhntr3232_SlayerOptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5Hijacker2531BrickT1973GabrielStark10 12 votes
Black_ThoughtCeltKitten 3 votes


  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Nemesis Prime
    Not only because you can dupe Cyclonus from PBC/4* XTALS. Cyc's sig is linear damage increase, not a game changer. NP, on the other hand, is, since healing is among, if not the most valuable asset(s) in this game.
  • PeasPeas Posts: 74
    Thank you the input but it makes me think I haven’t been clear. They are both duped already. I’m curious if one sig benefits more than the other by being pumped up. I still take your answer to be NP.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Nemesis Prime
    Ok my bad. Then It's the question of how good you're with either of them. More damage means shorter fights, while more health longer. If you fights are within 50 hits/round, go with Cyc.
  • BrickT1973BrickT1973 Posts: 334
    Nemesis Prime
    I’d say Cyclonus is the better bot overall, but Nemesis Prime has a better signature.
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 3,088
    Nemesis Prime
    I have a nemesis that has sone sigs into him...very useful for a quick Pick-Me-Up
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