RECK one of the OG alliancea looking for a few active players

RECK has been around sense day one. Were active but casual. Map 3 level 5 to 10. We currently have 4 spots available. No minimum other than no 0s for events. Good group of players. Come join if your looking for fun and some challenges.


  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,477
    What's your IG name buddy.
    And do you guys use line?

    Good luck with recruiting man!
  • I'd love to join! Still have slots?
  • MystykalMystykal Posts: 11
    Yes we have 3 still available. Alliance is open. Or friend me ill send invite
  • MystykalMystykal Posts: 11
    edited August 21
    My in game name is Mysticon.
  • MystykalMystykal Posts: 11
    In game name is Mysticon
  • MystykalMystykal Posts: 11
    Ok. Don't post half asleep lol its Mystycon
  • MystykalMystykal Posts: 11
    Still looking for 2 mors active members to fill out Alliance. map 3 level 5 to 10 depending whos joining.
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