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New monthly Challenges

Good night, well kabam, I would like to suggest an idea that could give a breakthrough in the game, a new game mode, I call "monthly goals", do not confuse those we already have as achievements to win bot chips for buy them in the store, but they are challenges with different difficulties and focused on one bot, let me explain: this will work as a kind of mission, for example the focused bot is nemesis prime, and according to the difficulty ( easy-master) the challenges get harder and more insane and your goal will be to completely complete them with 3 stars in each (3 stars?) just that, for example you get into a challenge where he asks you to finish a nemesis fight in 2:30 minutes to get 3 stars, if you finish in less than 2:30 minutes you get a level in the challenge table and these levels have varying rewards (if it's the hardest table it will have gold reward , energy bot crystals, tc4 sparks etc) and as the last level of that challenge you will get the challenge bot, and yes I was thinking the game would lend you the bot to complete these challenges and get your stars and level up, and every month a new bot will be the highlight of the table and the exp level needed to release will be (easy-10, medium-20, hard-30, expert-40 and master-50) I don't know if they'll approve my idea but I think this would be a great idea to innovate the game, thanks good night everyone

- My main language is not English, so I used Google Translator


  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 3,088
    I approve of this! I'd absolutely love to get my hands on some bots like this!
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