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[WARYR] Warrior United recruiting 50+ active players

Friendly and active alliance seeking friendly and active allies.
- We value participation, contribution and growing together.
- Top 70 AM. Clearing 3-24 with 3 teams.
- Top 10 bot levelling. Top 1-10% item use.
- Alliance Mission and Alliance Events attendance required.
- Interested players can look for Flash Turbo or MystaJay, or reply below.


  • More spots have opened up!

    Latest updates:
    - Cleared 3-31
    - Top 7 bot leveling
    - Top 6 item use

    Contact Flash Turbo or MystaJay in game
  • What power from top 3 are you looking for?
  • Maxed 4* ok, as long as you participate in alliance mission, enemies are over 5k
  • MystaJayMystaJay Posts: 135
    More spots have opened up, contact me here or in game if interested
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