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Stupid rarity of new character

Kabam, you have created the best Mobile Transformers game ever. I have had a blast playing this game, but I have a complaint. When I saw the 2.0 announcement I was unbelievably excited to see that you added The Last Knight Hot Rod. But I became incredibly upset to see that Hot Rod is exclusive to his own crystal. This crystal is only available once a month and I don't know if I the Crystal will be available ever again. Now I'm not asking for a 4 star Hot Rod but all I ask is for a crystal that can guarantee a 2 star Hot Rod. Now you probably won't heed my request because I'm one of millions of players who wants a character. But I'm willing to bet that there are others that believe hot rod is ridiculous rarity of hot rod. If a Kabam Official reads this, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.


  • If any moderator reads this chat please let me know if I broke any rules through this complaint so I can take it down immediately
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    You won't have broken any rules, but you misunderstood how the new bots disseminate

    I guess you started playing in the last week or two and haven't played Kabam's other games.

    They always do a restricted release of new bots initially. Usually arena and a featured crystal. You can get as many of the featured crystals as you want for 150 energon each. Kabam doesn't publish the drop rate, but my guess is about 5-10% of featured crystals give the featured bot. Maybe closer to 10%, but I really don't know, it's just a guess.

    After the bot moves out of the featured crystal, there are usually other exclusive ways to get that bot for a month or two. For instance, Soundwave, Wasp & Prowl were available in a "second chance" crystal (or some name like that). Wasp was available through the raid store for a week. And there were other promotions.

    After a couple of months, you can expect to see those bots become added to the premium and standard crystals.

    Kabam do it this way because of lot of players are keen to get the new bots and will spend money to buy those crystals. It's a big chunk of what keeps the game afloat. But they also want everyone to be able to enjoy it in time. If you want to be first to have the thing, you will either have to pay, or grind a lot and get very lucky

    If you just want to enjoy the game and not worry about being the first to access the newest bots, then you can do great as a totally free to play gamer

    Hope that clarifies - you'll be able to get those bots eventually, but it may be after a couple of months
  • Well I guess I am an extremely misinformed fool

    Thank you for this information
    I just didn't know because I haven't played Kabam's games
    Thank you!
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    Play Marvel Contest of champions, the original ftf, the champions rarity is extremely low but slightly better than this game's bot rarity
    There is no 'guaranteed bot' only 'RARE chance', the only way to get 'guaranteed' is grinding in the arenas
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