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I am looking for a new Alliance.

I am looking for a chill alliance that understands life before game. I have to work through most of the AM days and can only get 2 or 3 plays during each day. Internet, time and phone quality reduce my effectiveness at work.

I am U.S.A Central time. My top bots are: 3bkxw3tiljik.png

Contact Tyberious Prime in game if you have a spot. I am currently in solo Alliance (Vol13), so don't be discouraged.


  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,009
    edited August 2019
    I’ve got the perfect Alliance for you LWM-2 their looking for a couple fairly active players it’s a fairly new addition to our family, their currently running Map3 lvl 12 but their going to grow, I’d really like to see you come over @Tyberious
    If interested you can request into LWM-2 or contact Windbeeprime in game or Trailblazer44 in game leader of LWM-2

    P.S. lol just caught that last part of your note we’ll send an invite to you 😁

    Invite has been sent their a fun little group they currently finished 139th in the AM and last week got 50th in Mission Completion their growing fast
  • DreamBlissDreamBliss Posts: 107
    If that doesn't work out, try my family's alliance HRZN. Let me know if you want to contact me about it. I am the most active member there at present, and would LOVE someone to do Alliance missions with! The whole thing with our alliance is that life comes first, and we are relaxed in our play style. So it may be a better fit for you.
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