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Your Best Bot



  • OG Prime is 1st, MV1 Optimus is 2nd and Drift is 3rd. All of them are just amazing bots. Have the two primes at top and easily the best warrior in the game as his bleeds are so damn overpowered
  • Ronin7348Ronin7348 Posts: 57
    edited September 2019
    4* Optimus prime from phb
  • Cheetor. His feral mode is just so effective against any bot with armor. And the melee bleeds are good, too. His damage output is great.

    Before the 5* bots I would have gone with Barricade because of his power stealing and backfire abilities. But I finally forged my 4* Barricade to amp up my Cheetor. Oh how it pained me to do it...
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