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Recent update for Android has caused an error..



  • A13X2017 wrote: »
    I have the same problem... sometimes I receive this error during fight or not. The big problem is during AM.

    Is it the error in which u wait a while for it to load only to get this:
    I've had it before the update sadly.

    Right...this error.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    BUG LOG v8.1.3:
    1. UNKNOWN ERROR during fights (most random bug, happens without warning).
    2. CONNECTION ERROR usually during LOADING SCREENS, despite full WiFi/4G connection. Other apps work fine.
    3. CRASH either AFTER selecting opponent/START of fight OR preceded by flickering bots.
    4. LOGIN ERROR less frequent, but still an underlying and sporadic occurrence, especially during daily device testing.
    5. LAG, FREEZE may pop up DURING HIGH LEVEL FIGHTS, usually Egypt or Chicago stage, with animated BGs.

    Affected devices:
    - oppo A3S, 8.1, SD 425, 3-32GB RoW
    - moto e5+, 8.0, SD430, 3-32GB RoW
    - moto g5s+, 8.1, SD625, 4-64GB RoW
    - moto z2P, 9.0, SD626, 4-64GB VZW
    - moto x4, 9.0, SD630, 6-64GB RoW
    - moto z2F, 9.0, SD835, 4-64GB, VZW
    - moto c plus, 7.0, MT6737, 2-16GB, Orange UK
    - moto m, 7.0, MT6755, 4-32GB, ATT

    @Kabam Tenebrous @Kabam Spice @Kabam Custos @Kabam Rimehaven
  • @Kabam Vydious it's crashing a lot after two to three fights...kindly help us
  • @Kabam Vydious it's crashing a lot after two to three fights...kindly help us

    We are looking into it. I don't have any other update to provide on this right now.
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,506
    @Kabam Vydious it's crashing a lot after two to three fights...kindly help us

    Well for me it's stopped my game being compatible altogether, I'd take a few crashes over being unable to play at all until I get a new device to play it on
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    Weirdly, the least problematic out of my myriad of devices' SoCs (SD425, 430; SD625, 626, 630, 632, 636, 675; SD835, 845; MT6737, 6737M, 6755T, 6757T; Exynos 9609) with the v8.1.3 F2F update is the MediaTek 6755T (moto m, P15, 4-32GB, android 7.0) and 6757T (bluboo S1, 4-64GB, Android 7.1.2).

    Neither CRASH, LAG or FREEZE, and never suffer UNKNOWN ERRORS or LOGIN ERROR much.

    Bad form.
  • Dizzyd5150 wrote: »
    Same issue
    LG k20 plus
    Both Wi-Fi and data

    So is nothing being done for android players that were unable to play for days?
  • Looks like 8.2 has the same bug @Kabam Vydious
  • deadthekidstardeadthekidstar Posts: 42
    edited September 2019
    New update doesn't work . Android 10 OnePlus 7 pro bot wifi and data .I re installed and keep same 1jypeyhae6xy.jpg
  • Same for some Mates at my side @Kabam Vydious .
    They're not able to login with the new Android Update.
  • Clark_kentClark_kent Posts: 80
    edited September 2019
    Can you please provide us with the following:

    Device Model: honor 10 and tablet ASus
    OS: Android 9
    Wi-fi or Data: both
    Tried reinstalling:
    I re installed and keep same
    LOCATION United Kingdom

    Thanks in advance!
    victorysaber07 in game

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
  • Same issue here.

    Device Model: PocoF1
    OS: Android 9
    Wi-fi or Data: both
    Tried reinstalling: Yes, twice, no luck. Tried rebooting, no luck.
    LOCATION: Mexico

    Please provide a Fix or Workaround. This game takes a special dedication just to get logged in EVERY day, I don't want to loose everything I've done for a simple update YOU provided.

    At least let us know, is it the update? If it is, kindly provide a way to rollback.

  • It's working now...thanks!
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