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Bot Upgrades Are Ok, How About (Repair) Mod Upgrades Now?

Seeing the special offer this morning for the Repair Mod made me want to write this down, been thinking of this for a while though since all these upgrades started. With bots getting some very much needed upgrades, why not show mods some of the same attention. Mods pretty much don't even make a difference in raids anymore, unless the player is inexperienced (with the mod in play or with the bot their using) or unless the hostile AI is really on a tear and the mod is just there to pour salt on the wound.

With the Repair Mod, waiting 20 seconds before activation makes it pretty much useless aside from the health/attack it supplements. I can't even recall a raid fight recently where the enemy bot lasted long enough to start healing or long enough to survive the healing and I've never been in a fight where they lasted long enough for the healing to come on a second time!

As a suggestion, maybe activate the healing on a timer, maybe 5 seconds after the bot first takes damage, and then every 10 seconds after that and make the healing actually relevant, maybe a % of the bot's health per second. For the Sig, how about a combination of Scorponok's sig and Megatronus' relic of preservation--but not quite as good as either of them. Perhaps have it limit damage to 25% of max health (decreasing per level down to maybe a max. limit of 12% of max health), and provide regeneration in one of two ways: either healing 20%-60% of non-special damage taken or healing 60% (+2% per 5% of sig level) of debuff damage (burn, shock, bleed, etc.) while that is present.
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